[sex drive] What's wrong with me?

Hello, everyone!
I have a low sex drive, whilst my boyfriend has a higher sex drive. I'm not taking any medication, no birth control, I don't have depression or anxiety. I'm insecure, but I'm very comfortable and confident with my lover. Why am I not a horny/have-a-high-sex-drive person???

Not all people have a high sex drive. I know some people where their sex drive is so high it's all they want all the time and I know some people with such a low sex drive that it is like they don't have a sex drive at all. Everyone is different. So you not being a high sex drive person is just a part of who you are.

Really? I'm 18 (going to be 19 soon) and people my age group are usually talking about sex which made me think that there's something wrong with me.

there's nothing wrong with you.? like lemon said...everyone is different.


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