Great relationship but am I ready??

Me: just turned 20 I am a rising junior in college, I am currently studying public relations but I am seriously thinking I might want to teach elementary school instead?
Him: 22 and just graduated college and about to get a really good job.
We met through my friendship with his little sister and started dating over the winter, so about six months. We have a lot of shared interests and he treats me great. We are attracted to each other and enjoy hanging out together.
I am kind of feeling like he is thinking long term with our relationship and subconsciously so am I. However conscisously I haven't really had a thought process yet about, is this the time in my life to commit?? I mean if I were going to commit it would definitely be to him. We've said we love each other and I meant it I do love him. I'm really happy with our relationship my question is simply, is a 20 year old college junior really ready for this?? I don't know I think maybe so but, one of my friends keeps mentioning that she thinks girls shouldn't get married until they're 24 or 25 so have some time after college as single adults, I understand the logic but can ?you already know what you want?? Or am I fooling myself??

On his side, his sister has joked a few times that "I've got him" and she told me that their mom said I've "got my hooks in him." He gave me a necklace for my birthday and he's started talking about us taking vacations together and wants me to help pick out his apartment when he starts his job.

I guess I should just enjoy it and let it happen naturally I just know I'm kind of immature lol and wondering what I'm ready for! I don't exactly know what I'm asking even!

You are over thinking things. Just enjoy being young and in love and the rest will follow.

Yeah probably!! :)

No need to think about marriage yet, there are people who date for years before even talking about getting married. Enjoy your time together, let all the little things matter, you are still only in the beginning, there are no rules that say that if you date and feel like they're the one that you instantly have to think about marriage! So yes, enjoy your time now:)

Any advantage to being married, other than filing a joint tax return?

Congratulations on having a relationship!

I've heard wait 1.5 years before thinking marriage. I've no idea where tthat number came from.

Well to be clear we haven't discussed marriage. And even if we did discuss it, I don't think we'd actually get married for at least a couple of years (after I graduate) at the minimum.

I'm not really sure what I'm asking tbh I guess I am just asking, should I be starting down this path at 20? My prior relationships were obviously not going to be permanent.

I love this relationship and that's what scares me, I am worried I might realize later that I wasn't ready if that makes sense. I don't know nevermind!! Thanks for the responses!!

I understand how you feel! I'm married now and feel like maybe I jumped into it too fast and almost miss being single and able to be in those beginning-and-exciting first months of a relationship. When it comes down to it though, I'm with a wonderful man and wouldn't want anyone else. You're still young and don't know for sure where the relationship is heading, but if you feel uncomfortable at any time you can talk to your guy and let him know you're moving too fast. You mentioned it being a few years before you'd get married anyways so you have time. :)


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