Boyfriend told me I'm fat

my boyfriend told me he has a weight limit and that I'm almost at the max. He says that if I gained more weight, he'd probably break up with me and probably wouldn't marry someone my weight. He said he wanted to date someone who was more concerned about their appearance. I asked him if he wanted to see other people, but he says he loves me and doesn't want to see other people. However, he told me that he doesn't get much attention from girls, so if a girl went up to him at a bar and asked him to have sex, he'd love that. He's a very shy guy, and I'm his first girlfriend. We've been dating for 8 months now, and he recently got a job 5 hours away from me, so we're starting long distance. I have a feeling he's just keeping me around until he finds someone better. What should I do??

Brake up with him, don't change who you are for a boy, and he is a boy hang on until a man comes along, if he is this controlling as a boyfriend think of what kind of husband and father he will be, I have been in a relationships with a controlling boyfriend and it was hell, even though I'm single now I'm much happier and better off without him.

I agree, you should end the relationship. If he loved you then your size wouldn't matter to him.

Oh well, it's so easy to conclude that the guy is a jerk... But no one asked her about her weight...
Let's say, if you subtract your weight (kilos) from your height (centimeters), you should get 110. +/- 5 is OK, +/- 10 is not bad, +/- 20 means you need to do something.
For example, if you are 160 cm tall and your weight is 60 kg - you are normal.

Now think - is your guy just a cynical jerk, or is he really honest with you and it is you who needs to work on yourself.

Well, it was very rude of him to say it this way, but still, don't believe that body-positive BS. There ARE beauty standarts, and, anyway, it is never bad to make some sports. Oh, and does himself that ideal?

The highest class breakup scenario: work on yourself, become the most attractive girl around, get a better boyfriend and then dump the old one for him being too fat and lazy for you :D

/\ I don't know how what he said can be considered cynical.

He sounds like a superficial ass. If you decide to break up with him (I would sure be considering it if I were you), you might tell him that after thinking about, you agree with him as you were always hoping for a guy with the penis of a man rather than of a prepubescent boy.
I know, I know it's equally superficial. But if my boyfriend started to gain weight, I would think of a delicate way of saying so, and I would help him by steering him towards, and joining him in exercise and healthier eating. I wouldn't make him feel like shit because of it.

If you are gaining weight, maybe look at it from a what's-best-for-you standpoint (health, self-confidence, etc). If some guy's sole reason for breaking up with you is because you've put on some weight, he can't put much stock in the kind of person you are. In short, he can't really love you. What's more, if he said it the way you described, he clearly has little regard for your feelings.

I'd consider putting my foot into his nuts! Just kidding... sort of.

I have been reading the thread not replying because my problem on some of these threads is, are you literally describing the conversation as it took place and anyone who was there would agree ?you're saying it accurately, or are you typing mad, interpreting things like, "well if he said this, he MUST mean this." If the conversation was literal as you desribed, I think you obviously should break up.

But if it's more like little hints or he's answering questions you asked plus you're doing some connecting dots etc (let's be honest we know how we describe things sometimes) then it might be more complicated.

I agree with Lizzy, he is a superficial ass.? If it were me in your shoes I would dump his ass and if karma is real then he will marry a thin girl and she will get fat as a hog shortly after marriage.

Girl you deserve someone better than that! Don't let him treat you like an idiot.


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