is she straight?

hey, so i'm new here, but part of the reason i joined is because life has been really hard lately. first of i recently went through a rough break-up because i relized i didn't like boys... lets just say he was pretty pissed. but the other reason is i think i might be falling for one of my friends, and i have no idea if she is a lesbian at all, or for that matter, likes me back. does anyone have any ideas how i could bring it up with out it being too akward? the last thing i want is to ruin our friendship...

Hmm, maybe ask her if she has a boyfriend? See if she answers, "No."

Then ask if there are any guys she likes. If No, then ask if there are any girls she likes.




i guess i can try that. thanks!

Have a sleep over, during Witch bring up sex, you can ask if she has ever kissed another girl, how she answers can tell you is she would like to try, if she does kiss her and see where it leads, I have dated both sexes and way prefer girls.

great idea, especially since we tend to have a lot of sleepovers lol


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