A love story..but without sex :( help!

Hi all,
I need your advice and point of view - from you girls - on the issue that am going to tell you.

I am a 40yo professional guy, working in the Caribbean as expat: have a superb house, nice company car, a professional standing and I am very wealthy in the country I live. Beside that, I am a very nice and friendly person, good looking, good shape.

I have never had issues in any relation...and given the attributes described above, you can imagine that I am able to get a different girl in my bed every single day (and I have done it for a period of time!). The problem is who I bring to bed: it's very easy to bring any kind of girl - young, gorgeous, super body - but it's hard to find a girl who has culture, education and my same living standards.

Last summer I have started dating a girl who I was crazy for...she was a professional consultant working in some period of the year in my company and she was my dream: elegant, professional, gorgeous, educated and with an excellent job. The ideal of a relation!

How we started dating was like a love story....! But I skip that :) After 1 month, we were officially in a relationship and - as of now, May 2017 - we have 10 months of relationship.

Our "friendship" is amazing: we talk of everything and we can spend hours and hours talking. We are also living together over the weekend and sometimes in the week days. We know each other friends and have also a social life with them.
There is one thing that is not working at all: sex.
I live for sex, for me is the starting point of a relation and it's the glue of it. I am mad of experimenting, touching, and need the physical contact.
She is not that much into sex, even if she says she likes it. She hates to be touched, doesn't like physical contact at all.?
The result is that our sexual life is a disaster: nothing that is not the strict sexual act, very few sexual acts (less than 1 in a month). I love doing oral - probably giving less than 10 times in total) and receiving it (only 2 times happened). That's is. No touching, nothing. I don't know how she looks like nude, there is no nude among us.?
I was used to be in confidence with any previous gf and being nude each other, exploring our bodies was the step n.0 of our relation.?
On top of this, there is no kissing at all. No French kissing expect in rare occasion.?
I love anything about sex (not to the extreme to do couple swinging but open to exhibition, to do to clothing optional beaches, etc), so you can imagine how big is our issue and how I am so repressed. At her eyes I am like a pervert and I am have to be careful of expressing my sexual desires.
And I am not ashamed to say that I haven't cheated on her because I was missing sex...: I was always hoping it was going to improve.?
This is a real elephant in the room.
We have talked many times but now it has become a taboo, because has no solution, is like the story of the chicken and the egg. For me starts immediately with the start of a relation and it determines if a relation is successful or not, for her comes later.

We talk seriously about the topic, had sex, happy for few days, and then everything comes back as usual. Entire weekends closed at home without anything else than movie, friends, dinner, cooking, going out.

Few other point over her: she is super clean (I am too), hates any form of bacteria and before and after everything, a shower is a must. And she is a bit exaggerated from my point of view. This explain also the lack of kissing: is something she doesn't like because like dirty (this is what I perceive), even if we both brush teeth, etc and have no issue.

The problem is that I love her but this lack is going to drive me crazy and will deteriorate our relation.

I have thought many weird things to explain this behavior:

    [*]had bad experience in the past (abuse?)?
    [*]I am not able to approach her (so, why in my last 25 years of relations I have NEVER had sex issue with anyone else?)
    [*]No religious issues
    [*]Loves someone else and doesn't want to have sex with me
    [*]Has someone else and that's why she doesn't want to have sex with me (but she hasn't time to see anyone else..so I can exclude)
    [*]She doesn't love me
    [*]I am getting crazy. I need some advice :( Please help me!

She could be asexual


Hi WaterBaby,
in that case would be terrible :( it means we should break up because having a parallel sexual life would not be respectful for her and I would not live it in the proper way.
Thanks...I didn't consider that!


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