What is happening?

So there's this guy who I've met through mutual friends, and from the moment we met at a party we've been texting. I've seen him at parties since, and I'll be seeing him at one this weekend. Our mutual friend keeps bringing him up in conversation with me randomly. We text every day and last night facetimed for over an hour... but part of me still doesn't feel like he likes me! Everyone is telling me that these are clear signs... but I'm not too sure. In our facetime call, he brought up past hookups casually, which is something I don't feel like you'd do with someone you're interested in. Also, he never really asks me much about myself, normally I'm used to guys trying to find out more about me, which I find cute. Do you think I'm being friendzoned? Or does he maybe like me?

I think he likes you and doesn't have much game!! lol

Bringing up past hookups is trying to impress you

Not asking about you is because he's not good at this!

Just my guesses I might be wrong! But the mutual friend bringing him up randomly is a huge clue IMO. There are three possibilities. One, he is putting the friend up to it. Two, he won't shut up about you around his friends. Three, the mutual friend is trying to fix you up (but I think you'd know if that was the case).

Try to talk with him about it. The best in this situation is to have a clear chat.. You are not kids any more so this is easy and hard at the same time.? You can ask him to meet in a caffe to talk. In this site http://www.opinie-pracodawca.biz/ there are so many of them you can find and for sure you never have been!


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