We both exchanged phone numbers, and 'like like' each other. He wants to keep it secret

So me and this guy exchanged phone numbers a while ago, and now we both like like each other. Only thing is he is constantly making fake excuses as to why he has my phone number to his mates. His mates don't like me as a person one bit. He also keeps mentioning to me about how he thinks this and this girl like him, how do I get him to quit it without telling him, like is there a signal in can give him?

I am just curious why don't his friends like you?

He probably mentions the other girls to make you jealous. Either that or he is trying to indicate he doesn't think of you as a girlfriend.

As for how to get him to quit, if seeming annoyed doesn't work after a few tries, just come out and ask him "are we together or what? Because you keep talking about other girls." Or something like that (you might prefer a different word than "together").


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