Is he cheating?

My boyfriend and I were going pretty strong. I was talking to my guy best friend and he told me how he went through his GF's phone and found out about her and some other dude. I told him I thought about going through my boyfriend's phone, but I decided not to. I felt like that just a terrible invasion of privacy. He does talk to a lot of girls though. So I looked today. A girl he told me was his 'cousin' was talking to him. He called her babe, sent kissy faces, asked if he loved her, and told her he loved her. He never sends me kissy faces like that. I asked him about it and he said they're JUST cousins. I feel like I've never told my boy cousins I love them or send them kisses OR call them babe. He swears to me, but something isn't sitting right in my gut. I haven't completely talked to him about it quite yet. Should?I? Is it even worth it?

Gut feelings, fast and sometimes it's right. They come from that pattern matching part of the brain that sees a pattern match. It can't put it into words, so it just signals you with a feeling.

It can take the other part of the brain that puts things into words a long time to figure out what it is the other parts sees, and if it's right, or not.

I just can't tell! It seems like the men who are the most perfect matches turn out to suddenly be the most unperfect matches. And the ones we're not sure about turn out to be the most solid in the long run.

I guess that's why I keep hearing we're suppose to date someone for at least 1.5 years before marrying them. (I know someone who married after only 3 months. Divorced after 9 months. But that friend always seems to learn everything the hard way. "Don't marry someone you don't like." Seems like a no-brainer to me.)

This woman is his "cousin"? Well, ask him to draw a family tree. (Then tell him to send you a kissy face!)


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