Seeing ex makes my blood boil

I broke up with my ex boyfriend over four months ago, but seeing him still makes me react in a physical way i've never experienced. It was not a healthy relationship, but I don't think he ver set out to hurt me. However, I do believe he used me for sex, and our large age gap (16 years) makes me now feel very uncomfortable. I live in a very small, condensed population, so I see him in passing quite often. Whenever I do, I can feel the colour drain from my face, and my blood feels like its boiling. I don't have any strong emotions towards him, so why does my body respond this way?

First of all why do you call yourself Dumbo?? I am sure that is not a fitting nickname for you!!

Second I think it's just emotional seeing an ex especially if you think they mistreated you in some way or might hold a grudge. In this case even though he might not have intended any harm, it sounds to me like it created emotional turmoil for you and seeing him probably brings that all back fresh.

I have an ex who was kind of, I don't know if "abusive" is fair but similar deal he pushed me past my limits as far as what I was ready for sexually. Seeing him really blows.


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