Deeply In Love But...

Ok so I am deeply in love with my boyfriend, he's probably the perfect guy ever, or as perfect as he can be I mean of course there are a few flaws but that's overlooked. Anyways, we've talked about marriage recently, and of course, I'm all for it, but marriage absolutely scares the shit out of me. Dos that make sense? Marrying him isn't what I'm terrified of, I'm beyond terrified of it turning into complete shit. Like 1 out of every 2 marriages end in divorce, and I don't wanna become one of those statistics. I haven't told him that, but we are moving in together soon, and he says he wants to marry me shortly after, and I don't mind all that, because again he's great, but what if we fall out of love just as quickly as we fell in love? I don't know how I can get over that. He's my first serious love, he makes me become one of those cliche girls who constantly post about their partner, he makes me mean those 3 words that use to mean almost nothing to me. I know I'm young (20 to be exact) but at the same time I've never wanted someone as much as I've wanted, I don't know, food or sleep. Does this all make sense or am I just rambling nonsense??

I would say don't rush it. Moving in together is a step in the right direction because you learn a lot about your partner, but there's no reason to rush into marriage and it's perfectly okay to not be sure if you are ready (you are only 20!) It does not take away from the feelings that you already have for him.

It's culture and lack of communication that ends marriages these days, being the same age as you I personally wouldn't rush to marriage, make that a long term goal between the two of you and before then you'll see just how amazing things can be and you would have learnt how to communicate when things aren't great. Be grateful for every moment in life no matter when you choose to marry, keep in the present moment 😊?


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