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I don?t know if I'm looking for advice, understanding, or just venting. I meet a boy at the beginning of the school year, we started having sex right away, he introduced me to drugs and alcohol, after I was drunk high or both he introduced me to his friends, over the course of a few months they used me in any and every way possible, at this point I have no idea how many boys I have been with, and of course I came down with a STD alone with a few of guys, I hope that none of you ever has to go through a health department interrogation, it is hell they put all the blame on the girl not the guy who give you the STD, and when you can't give a list of the boys you have been with, they paint you with the brush of a whore, My parents put me in drug rehab and treatment for the STD, afterwards I was placed in a different school, but my reputation followed me and even in the new school I'm the slut from ridge view. Boys and girls don't take to me unless it is filled with sexual references. What can I do or where can I go to get my self respect back, the real crappy thing is that my ex boyfriend is just fine in fact he is just one of the guys at my old school, while my life has been turned upside down.

The past is the past and it can stay there! All I can suggest is telling people you made mistakes but you're not interested in talking about that you want to talk about today and the future. I have never really been in your situation but I have had some smaller doses of that kind of treatment a couple times and it stinks.

Are you sure you're not one of our moms trying to scare us straight? :)

Well good luck and, I guess I would say, if you want personal advice, be a lot more careful from now on. And as far as the social stuff, like I said just tell them you're tired of hearing about it.

Thanks Shelly: no I'm not one of your Mom's just a person who has made some mistakes, I have tried to tell people that I'm a different person and that is in the past, it is kind of like throwing fuel on fire.

Have you thought about home schooling or getting your GED, then attenting an out of state Collage? I'm affaid that it may be along time before people your age forget about you, expecially if you live in a small town, I'm really sorry that you where used like that, I wish that I could bring you here for a fresh start in life. message me if you would like to talk.


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