Missing him

My first boyfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago. We were only together for a few months but I was really into him and it really hurt when we broke up. I miss him a lot, but I don't know if I miss him or just miss having someone. I drunk messaged him a few days after we broke up and he was really nice about it. I haven't spoken to him since then.
I want to talk to him again, but how do I go about that? Or should I just leave it??
I really want to get back together with him but how do I let him know this without seeming desperate??

Describe the breakup and maybe we can help more! Mainly, whose idea was it and, was it really thought out or did someone just get mad and say something too extreme?

You said drunk messaged him so, I take it you're at least my age (I will be 20 soon) give or take? Are you both in school, both work or what?

My short answer is that if it was your idea, you can float the idea to him that sometimes you make rash decisions and it would be smarter to give it more thought, and see what he says. If he seems to want to talk about it you can apologize for breaking up and ask how he feels about it.

If it was his idea, though, you have only two options I can see, give up, or appear desperate :/ ?(which means even if he did take you back, you'd always feel like you were on thin ice)

We are both in school, I am 17. It was his idea but it felt so out of nowhere.
We had a pretty bad argument that was my fault and the next morning while I was trying to apologise he told me he wasn't sure if he wanted a relationship with me anymore and that was that. Everything was fine before this and maybe if he took the decision to break up with me that lightly, he wasn't really into it as much as me in the first place?
I think I've kind of convinced myself to just leave it, but I have a constant voice in my head telling me to tell him I still like him and just see what he says- just so I can get some kind of closure because I have no idea how he feels right now.?


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