Why my ex do that ?

I'm in class with an ex boyfriend that I gotta problem with and the teacher told me to pass out papers and I desk are in rows so once I get to his row I give the papers to the girl that sits in front of him and told her to pass them back to him and once I get to the other side of his row he knocks the paper off the desk like in front of me . Why he do that??

Okey so there are some theories of why, do you currently have a boyfriend?? Maybe he is just jealous.
did you guys had a bad breakup? Maybe he is doing it to get him to notice him.
I don't know, just try to ignore him, you have to be the mature person.
good luck!

No I don't have a currently boyfriend and YES we had a very bad break up and he hates me?

And yeah my friend was like maybe he's doing it to get my attention?

So yeah, probably he just wants to annoy you.
People do that, if he keeps doing it I think you can ask him to stop that. I hope he doesn't get you in trouble at school.
But what I highly recommend you is to avoid doing the same he's doing,
Hope it helps you.


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