Does he actually like me???? HELP

So I made a post back in November saying about this boy I liked who went travelling but still kept contact with me and didn't know whether he was just stringing me along and somoneone replied saying they thought he was just keeping me in the back burner and leading me on.
But I think he has proved otherwise, he's kept in contact with me throughout and today were on the phone for 5 HOURS no lie! And he was getting excited about seeing me and saying I should pick him up from the airport. But somehow there's a pet of me feels he won't act on his feelings or I'm terrified he's strung me along for 8 months and nothing will come of it. I mean I haven't not been seeing other people and resting my whole life on him but I'm just stressing out cos I never thought about what I'd do when he's actually back! surely if he's been keeping in contact for me for this long when he's supposed to be having the time of his life I must be more than nothing especially from the stuff he's said to me, surely you wouldn't bother if you didn't like the person??? Help???

I think that if he was just keeping u there for something when we gets back he would message you every now and then, the fact that he has kept in Contact that often when he's travelling definitely must mean he likes you!?

I think there is potential - he's made the effort to stay in touch, depsite being physically away for an extended time.

However, I think you are rightfully cautious - speaking with someone vs. actually being with them in person is different, and you need time to test the waters and make sure your feelings in person match what you've felt over the phone.

Enjoy seeing him, but don't go head over heels, and let it grow naturally to see where it goes! Sound very exciting ?- good luck!

Pretty tough call and catrose27 said it well? --


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