How to tell a guy you're not interested

So about a week ago this guy started messaging me. I replied. After talking for a while I realized I wasn't interested. I got scared and didn't reply to his snapchats or Facebook messages. I also have a lot of other issues going on and I don't have time for a relationship. He won't stop messaging me and snapping me even though I obviously don't wanna talk. What should I do?

So it started about a week ago and at first you were replying, so, how long has it been since you stopped replying? Put yourself in his position, he may think you like him but have just been busy for a couple days. What I would do would be rarely reply and when I do, mention that I'm busy. It may take a little while but he'll figure it out.

Just ignore him until he stops.

Guys don't really do hints.? Though most guys unless they are creepy stalker types understand when a girl says that she isn't interested but you need to be direct.? If this guy is really into you and you just go silent he won't know why.? Some guys, especially the younger less experienced ones can take a long time to get the hint if you just ignore them.? They will be holding onto the hope that there is some other reason that you are not responding, other than that you might not like them.

There is no reason to be afraid to be honest if you don't like this guy.? Just message him and tell him in clear un-ambiguous terms that you are not into him and you don't want to chat. In most cases that will be the end of it but if he still keeps bugging you then I would say you should block him on Facebook and block his number on your phone.


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