I met a guy at work near the end of last year. At first i wasnt really interested but we started talking more and we just clicked. He was married but decided to get separated, then filed for divorce. He went to stay with family and we skyped for a month until he came back. When he came back he stayed with me and we started a relationship, he told me that he was in love with me and we started to talk about things for the future. During this time he was not divorced yet and when he finally got his own place he wanted to start spending more time there and not spend so much time together.?When i brought it up to him how the distance made me feel he decided that he didnt want to be committed? to anyone, but still wanted me in his life as his friend. We still hang out and talk and text everyday. He told me he still has feelings for me and loves me, but has to work on himself before he can committ. I asked him if he was still intersted in being together with me and he said he couldnt answer that because he doesnt know how he will be in the future. I understand that he needs time to work on himself, but I dont want to give up hope that we can get back together. I want to be friends, but should I give up hope?

I wouldn't give up hope but I would try to temper your expectations for the moment.? If he just went through a divorce he might need some time to get his head on straight.?

Moving in with you probably wasn't the best idea at the time.? If you like this guy give it some time and see how things work out.? He might need some space for a while especially since he is just coming out of a marriage.? As long as he isn't taking advantage of you if you can just be there for him without smothering him he will really appreciate that down the road.


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