I don't understand guys...

I've been chatting to a guy for over a week, and it all seemed to be going well. We spoke last night and planned to catch up today or after work sometime during the week. Then today, he's completely different. His replies are short and clearly doesn't want to talk to me. I understand we don't have to chat all the time, that's fine, but I'm taking it as he isn't as interested as he seemed to be over the last week??
I am a bit disappointed, I thought things were going well and if anything a good friendship could form.

This is a prime example of a huge issue I have with this generation.
Texting has ruined everything! You can't convey emotion/tone through texts therefore you can't determine how someone feels by a text. Maybe he was really busy or doing something important but still taking the time to at least respond to your messages rather than just ignore you.

-He probably doesnt feel so good today or day he texted you. As said above, texting can ruin things. Maybe call him. Some epople dont like to type long text ,some prefer talking. You can try again another time or day. I wouldnt jump to assumptions.

We haven't spoken today either. He's opened my snapchats but no response. I guess it was fun while it lasted?

The ball is in his court now! If he decides to reach out, great! But if he doesn't, know you'll be okay, you're worth so much more than a boy who leaves you on read, girl!?

Did you raise any new topics or say anything that could possibly have bothered him? For example did you ask any leading questions about dating or get more sexual than before or make any critical remarks about a coworker or anything you can think of that could possibly affect how he feels about things?

If not, it's probably him not you. You have no way of knowing what's going on in his life. Maybe he went on a date with another girl for example, and thinks he shouldn't flirt with you for that reason?

Just remember that anything could be going on that you don't know about, this has happened to me before and turns out he had met someone else, I'm not saying this is neccessarily the case but boys can get turned off easily, something might have scared him off, it's most likely not you and he could have just been having a bad week.?

I can't think of anything I could have said. He was the one saying I should come see him over the weekend, and I agreed. That's when the next day he seemed weird and this all happened. I think he got scared. That, or the theory of another girl. I've asked him straight out if I did something wrong. If he doesnt reply, then that's enough proof not to waste my time :)

Oddly enough there are things that happen in a guy's life now and then that has nothing to do with you.? Maybe he got into it with his boss or he just isn't feeling well.? It would be nice if he would share what's going on with you but one thing I have learned is that when a guy is struggling with a problem that he hasn't figured out yet the last thing he wants to do is talk about it.? Weird hu?? So, he might just be feeling very distracted right now and if you keep badgering him to tell you what is wrong it's likely to drive him farther away.It's hard to say for sure since I have no idea what your conversations were like.? I would think that there is a possibility that he is getting frustrated with the lack of progress your relationship is making, guys will only be content chatting online for so long, but it sounds like you have plans to meet up in person.? Is that still on?? If you're not sure you should ask.? If he still wants to see you then I think you are fine assuming he is still interested.


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