Boyfriend Puts Friends Before Me

Hey guys, I'll keep what would be a long story as short as I can: so my boyfriend (close to a year) has these friends, longtime friends. At the start of our relationship and for the months prior to that, I was his priority. I'm not the jealous or controlling type, in fact I usually tell him to just text me whenever guy time is over so I don't intrude. Well, starting in February, it's like they matter way more than me. We had set plans to hang out, we are semi-long distance, couple hours apart so we see eachother maybe twice a month so I really value our time, he sees his friends daily, mind you. They had plans that night, after he would've been long home, and they 'mistakenly' bumped the plans up to that afternoon, knowing he would be with me. (I get the vibe they're jealous since he's the only one in a relationship in the group) and he cancelled plans with me to be with them. Then this week, we had plans which got cancelled for reasons with his mom getting sick & rather than moving our plans to next weekend, he postponed them ANOTHER week, so he could hang out with his friends instead. But then he absolutely infuriated me last night. We were talking, making strip club jokes about the time his dad went, and mentioned on a vacation with his friends this summer, they wanted to go see some strippers, maybe get a few lapdances. I personally have nothing against strippers, they're more athletic than I'll ever be, but that is not something I'm cool with, which I told him. His response: "Well, doesn't matter, I'll go for the guys, they'd want me there and I wouldn't want my friends mad at me. I wouldn't even have to tell you." So here I am now. Wondering what to do. There's more to the story but this was as short as I could make it, but if anyone is curious or just wants to let me rant, feel free to message me. Thanks for reading this and any help would be appreciated!

He is taking you for granted plus maybe there is some "out of sight out of mind" since you said you don't live very close and only see each other a couple of times a month. As for what to do. Maybe someone will have a better idea but the first thoughts I have would be to either withhold affection to force a conversation, or give an ultimatum. Either way would be risky though. Good luck!


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