How do I move one on ?

Haven't heard from my boyfriend in 3 weeks but I found out he was on social media . I cussed him out and blocked his number . How do I move on ??

How have you not heard from him, has he just not replied to you or has he been away? Did you break up over this as I don't feel as though I know the full story which would help me help you. But if you really truly want to get over him the best place to start is to block him on everything as this will force you to stop stalking him on social media etc which makes it hard to stop thinking about him. But also focus your time on friends and other stuff that's important to you, someone else will come around soon enough.

I mean yeah that's all I know I should break up with him cause he's been on social media but can't talk to me @ dazedandconfused897


So, he just stoped talking to you for 3 weeks?? You have no idea why?

Nope . @Jarin01


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