Confused AS F

Hey girls, I'm new here, but i needed to figure some stuff out about a guy i've recently been seeing.?

We met about two months ago, and have hung out every day since... He's been ghosting me alot lately, and he recently tagged a girl in some meme and when i went to her page, she had a vsco... anyways, he's in a TON of photos on her vsco, a few are "romantic" i just dont' know what to feel, he says they're just friends, when i messaged the girl she said they were dating.... Why would he say they're just friends and waste my time? i hate people sometimes :( ?Should i continue to hang out with him, or just cut him off completely??

It could be possible that his definition of dating is different than hers and he may not be lying to you about it...? BUT I doubt that's the case..

Can you just be friends with him? Or do you not trust him anymore?? Or would it be too hard to just be his friend?

IF you've been intimate with him or? you were dating him then I think you need to kick him to the curb.

You say you and this guy were hanging out for two months but what does that actually mean?? Were you going out?? Like on dates and stuff?? Were you getting intimate?? Were you ever officially boyfriend and girlfriend?? Does he know you like him in that way?? Maybe he likes you and has just been too chicken to make a move?? Sorry it's really hard to tell what's going on here from your description.


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