Need Advice surrounding a kind of EX

So last year in November I started talking to this guy who I had a class with my freshman year of college (I am currently a senior). We would talk and chat. We hung out a couple of times and after a certain amount of time became intimate with each other and did pretty much everything but never had sex.The problem was he wouldn't commit and was going through a lot of personal things at the time. This made it so we could not have a relationship. So I decided to break it off and cut?off all contact with him because I was becoming too emotionally invested and he was definitely?not ready.

So fast forward to now, my boyfriend and I recently broke up and I have started talking to and hanging out with this guy again. We have both made it very clear that we are just friends but I know we can both feel our physical and emotional connection. It is interesting because when we talk he refers to our last time together as a relationship where I saw it as more of just hooking up since I never got the commitment I needed.??We have hung out a total of four times at this point and there has been a lot of sexual tension between us. We get along very well and love to laugh and joke around together. He also texts me pretty consistently, but sometimes the texts get overly?sexual for us just being friends. At that point sometimes I let him know I don't think that fits our "friendship" but other times I just go along with it because it is fun. He doesn't have the best confidence and has told me about a lot of girls who have taken advantage of him. He has also never been in a really long-term?relationship and has just had short bursts with many girls. He has even mentioned to me that I am someone very special in his life and he is happy I am back in it. But at the same point, he also says that I can do much better than him. I guess?I am just wondering if one, he is even worth leading on at this point and two, how to make him actually want to commit and be invested in me instead of us just hooking up again?


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