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so I've been seeing this guy. He's 3 years older than me. And on the weekend I got really drunk and called him heaps to pick me up, I don't remember anything. I was meant to leave early with him the next morning but was passed out. He's really mad at me and I've apologised heaps, but he said that he doesn't know what to say right now and that it was eye opening about our age difference. I really like him and don't know what to do. Pls help!?

There's not really much you can do but wait for him to work out how your actions made him feel.

I tried to reply but like, every sentence was a question and all my opinions depend on the answers to those questions lol. But ok I am going to assume that this is just a one-time issue where he thought you were annoying and now he's grouchy because of that. If so my advice is to just give it time, he'll cool off and possibly feel mean or sheepish for overreacting.

If it's a bigger issue then I guess it depends but, I'd still suggest giving it time.

Ok so I like this football player/soccer player and band member.his name is Diego.he is Mexican and im African american.I have an crush on him.I think he kinda likes because he'll stare for quite a while.the problem is that I need confirmation before I get to in my feelings. and when I text him he doesn't reply.were in middle school.I am 13,he is 14. But he's in cluster 7-1 and I'm in cluster 7-2. And every time he looks I start blushing, and I can't look or speak to him.
Am i being mean? Is this relationship going to work? Or am I going to far? HELP!!!!!!


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