How do I let a guy know I like him?

So to give a bit of context I am in my early 20's but I have never had a proper relationship. In fact the only 'relationship' I had was when I was 13 and to be honest it was more like friends. I am a very nervous person and normally I am very careful not to make it obvious I like someone in fear of being made fun of. I am at the stage now where I have realised that if I want a boyfriend I am going to have to put myself on the line.?
There is someone I am interested in and I am willing to put myself on the line (a little bit anyway), what is the best way of letting him know I am interested without just going up to him and telling him (much too nervous for that!).?
He is not someone I see on a daily bases, just every so often at events and meetings for some volunteering we both do.
Any ideas?

There are two basic ways I know, flirting, and friends.

There are a million ways to flirt, in this type of situation you're describing the basics would be eye contact (smile and look away when he catches you looking at him), smiling at him, standing close, and generally showing interest. Obviously try to look your best for these events (without looking out of place depending what kind of event it is). Ask his opinion about stuff and if possible ask for him to help you with something, for example help load something in your car. Things like that, describe the type of event and maybe there will be more specific ideas, but basically you are trying to make it clear that you are paying attention to him and you like him.

(I once had a guy help me carry stuff up from my friend's car into the dorm, that I didn't really want or need in my dorm, my brother took it back out later without knowing he was part of a scheme lol.)

As for friends, if you happen to have mutual female friends who you can trust to be on your side, it can get a lot easier because you can simply have your friends tell him that you like him, WITHOUT making it look like you put them up to it. But this is only FEMALE friends who you trust to be ON YOUR SIDE. If you ask the wrong person to do this (a female acquaintance, or any guy) the odds of it going right are pretty much zero and it's better to skip it. Good luck!!

Thank you! So much great advice!

I think I will have to got for the first one, I have a close friend who is also friends with him but sadly he is male.?

We are both Volunteering with children on camps and activities, we tend to do it with different groups but have meetings (just adults) together or when the groups get together. I like the idea of asking him to help with me things, there are also plently of things to take in and out of cars. :P

I agree with ShellyB, there is a reason that friends were my go to move in junior high.? If you're too shy to ask him out directly just have a friend ask him for you if he is inturested.? Most guys even if you aren't what they are looking for will be flattered that someone is inturested so I wouldn't worry too much about him getting upset.


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