I need advice on how to talk to her plus I'm confused

so this is my first time liking a girl. I am still not sure about it. I think she might be bi or lesbian but I don't really know her well.?
We're both in grade 10 and it's my first time having a class with her. I've heared about her from my friends but they aren't friends with her. Maybe one of my friends is. So I first started having these feelings like last month but now they're getting stronger because she's been giving me more attention. She kinda stares at me for long and then when I look she looks way and kinda looks back at me. But she ignores me and talks to my friend whenever I'm beside her. She also touches me whenever she's close to me or just comes close just to touch me. She touches my back or arm when she walks by. Like she touched my back with her arm and just brushes past me. ?I want to talk to her but I just don't know how?? I don't know what to talk about. I talked to her once when I asked her what colour I should paint my art. She was looking at me and she kept saying "um", I also asked her if she was using her tissue for her art and if I could have it and she was like uhh yeah sure. She doesn't say um or uh when she talks to her friends. I also read somewhere that lesbians "have really short nails and wear vans" she has short nails and wears those high tops vans so.... maybe she is??😂 I just wanna talk to her and get to know her. We follow each other on insta but it would kinda be weird to text her. Im just confused because I like a boy (liked him for a year), and I like her too. I still like the boy but I like her too. I feel like I would date her. I would be comfortable I guess.?

Hey gurl,

If I were you, I would message her on insta, something simple like "Hey, I see you around school all the time, what's up?" I've actually done this to 2 guys and have been successful each time lol. Eventually, insta messages can turn into real-life conversations. I think if you get to talk to her and hang out with her more, your feelings will become more clear, and so will hers.

Good luck!

When I read Tinsel's answer it made me think about how much easier life would have been if cell phones had existed when I was in highschool.?

Yes, lesbians do normally have short nails for reasons that will be obvious if you think about it; not sure about the vans though.

Now I could be wrong but it sounds like this girl is interested in you.? I say that because of what you said about the touching but it also sounds like she might be really, really shy, and probably even more scared to talk to you then you are scared to talk to her.? She is probably also worried that you aren't into girls.? In that case if you want this to go anywhere you are going to have to take the lead.

She might be less nervous if you could get her alone.? Catch her during class and as casually as you can ask her if she would like to get coffee after school.? I am not sure if either of you like coffee but coffee is very non-intimidating.? Even if she is painfully shy, if she likes you she probably won't refuse.? Once you get her alone, try to get her to open up.? If you can get her talking she will realize that you aren't so scary and that will give you a chance to get to know each other.

If that's too much for you then I guess you could slip her a Hersey's kiss after class.? Everyone loves chocolate and it's a nice subtle way to get your message across.? A girl I was too chicken to talk to in college did that once and I was grinning like an idiot the rest of the day.


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