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Well where to begin. I've been talking to a girl for the past I'd say 2-3 months and it's one of the most confusing things I've ever been through. We've hung out a few times but hardly very many at all, and the one time we did connect a lot and got close/slightly intimate but it's just been stagnant. We've hung out after and we still text, talk , FaceTime sometimes etc. However not general she's a really busy person and we don't hang out much. Yet I feel like if she liked me a lot she'd make time to hangout a bit more often. I've asked her about it and she says she likes me and all this stuff and it's her fault we haven't been hanging out but she doesn't know what she wants. I don't want to give up on this and I'm Not planning to yet, but I feel like the effort I put in is not reciprocated very much. Currently I've just began to not obsess over this as much as it's consuming so I don't really try as hard to text and snapchat and etc. I just do nkt know what to do .?

When comes to a busy girl I get it I'm a busy girl myself. We usually don't have enough time in our selves that we worry on not having enough time to get into a relationship. It's really hard decision especially we like a guy/girl and yet we don't have enough time to waste to hang out with them. Here my advice keep waiting for her and show it you are able to handle her busy schedule and willing to take whatever time she makes for you. Show her that she special to you.

I'm in a similar situation, but the guy is always really busy so I understand how you feel. Here's some advice... taebadass said it already, but I'll just say it again. If you really like this person, continue to make the effort; and, by effort, I don't mean constantly bombarding her to hang out. Show her that you can handle her busy schedule. How? Well it depends on how "close" you guys are to each other, and how much you guys talk to each other. If you're really close, show her that you can be there for her emotionally and that you're not talking to her just because.

I think the most important thing to note/remember is that we're all busy, but just because someone doesn't "make time" for you doesn't mean they don't care. Maybe they truly are busy, and I think if you can respect that this girl has her own life and schedule then she'll respect you a lot more. At the end of the day, if she really cares about you she will TRY to find time to do things with you or talk to you.?

As far as her not knowing what she wants, I feel like communication is VERY cruical in developing relationships like this one. Continue to talk to her about how you feel. Be mature about it and if she feels the same way then you guys can really work together to figure out what it is you both want from each other. Good luck!

I agree with you.? If somone really likes you they will make time for you.


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