"Boyfriend" won't make it official

I've been talking to this guy since August, and we've fallen in love with each other. He cares about me more than any guy ever has, he treats me right, all my friends and family love him, he's always there for me, I couldn't have asked for anyone better. The only problem is we haven't made things official. In his words, they're "unofficially official" anyway though. Back in February he said he wanted to make it official then, but it never happened. Every time I bring it up we end up in an argument. He basically says he doesn't do all the things he does for me because we're "official" but because he loves me. And I get that, but I still don't think making it official would be a bad thing. What should I do? Should I just be patient and understanding, or is this just a bad sign?

I think he has some kind of hangup, what does "make it official" mean really, if you are already dating and especially if you've used the words "fallen in love with each other". I understand you wanting to hear the words, I would too. But if everything else is good maybe go a while without bringing it up or pressing. Maybe he just gets nervous when you press idk. What are your ages?


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