Does my boyfriend even care about me

My boyfriend and I have been together for ten months and recently my 21st birthday was a few weeks ago. He tried breaking up with me before my birthday so I wouldn't go out because he didn't want me drinking, of course I'm not going to not go out! So then he finally agreed to coming with but at last minute he said he wouldn't go and told me if I went out that he would leave me. I went out anyways and we broke up, he literally dumped me on my 21st birthday, he even called me a cunt because he found out I went out. Then I went over there because we made up I get there and no gift, nothing no flowers, not even a damn card or apology. He just yelled at me for going out, why is he like this?

He's like that because he's a manipulative asshole, dump him for good.

I agree, if he's acting like that he's immature

I am so confused!! He broke up to keep you from going out, then you made up, and he yelled at you again for going out?? Wuuut??

I GUESS from how I read your comment that he believes you are at risk of horrible things happening when you go out and celebrate like, maybe he thinks you'll get drunk and sleep with other guys or get drunk and crash and die?? I guess I should ask, does he have any valid reason to feel this way? If not, he sounds like a controlling jerk. Do you break up a lot or is this a unique event? How does he usually treat you? Is he really phobic about people drinking or anything (for example did he have an alcoholic parent or anything that might explain his attitude)? Good luck and, happy birthday!


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