Crush on bestfriends ex

Ok, its a long story but the basic is that my friend was dating a guy she didnt really like and I ended up getting a massive crush on him. I never let anyone know that I had a crush and I never tried to flirt or anything hell I was so shy around him I wouldnt be able to flirt if I tried... So they broke up and im pretty sure he now hates me because im best friends with his ex but I still have a stupid crush even though I havent seen him in forever. I know I probably shouldnt but his birthday is coming up and I kinda want to wish him happy birthday to see how he would react, would this be a bad idea at all?

You should wish him a happy birthday and talk to him and see how he reacts. How long ago did they break up?

They broke up in october I think

Oh then maybe you should try to see if you could be friendly with him, and see if he's cool with you

First of all you should be aware that your friend might have weird feelings about you being with her ex. Put yourself in her shoes, what if you end up dating him and she ends up hanging out with him because of that, it could be awkward. So, it depends how close you are to her like, if you are best friends, for me that is something I would consider greatly, you can't replace best friends as easily as you can date a different guy!!

But if you don't think that would be an issue. Yes I would wish him happy birthday and ask how he's been and maybe say you miss seeing him or something like that, just something positive so he won't feel like you are unfriendly toward him.


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