Falling for a guy that I shouldn't fall for

Hey so let me start from the very beginning I have this guy friend that he like a brother(let's call him C) to me we are close anyway he showed me a video of him performing for a festival which I missed out on anyway when I saw it I told him he was the 2nd handsomest and he asked me who was the first and I pointed at the dude next to him and he told me it was long time friends which I meet him soon, he finally introduced me to 2 of his long time friends let's call them K and J. After I meet them He told the guy in video was J and I said I figured because J was very cute. When I said that he told me I shouldn't fall for him because he can be a big dick at times I told him not to worry he was just cute but I would never fall for him. Anyway as time passes I hanged out with C, K, and J a lot more but mostly more C and K. The reason with K I'd because I help him with the load C and J give him and we both like paranormal stuff and C and J is scared of it, so we do the paranormal stuff together. When I talked to J it was light and boring than he turned to a dick to me but I told him off and put him in his place anyway he
apologized and I accept his apology. He stopped being a dick and he actually turned sweet and respectful. Some weeks later C and me was saying that J seem like a desperate guy so I told C what he could to help J and stopped being that way, he later start laughing because we are the opposite usually the girls go after him and the guys go after me while J scaring off the girls. I told him to stop being mean to J. Anyway speed forward to 1 months during this time a guy been trying to flirting with me but I kelp brushing it off and made it clear he was in the friend zone. C knew about it and told me if that dude continues to brother me he would handle him and pretend to be my boyfriend even made a code so he knows he needs to step in. My others friends made sure I was never alone and help me avoid the dude. It was successful it worked for a whole month until the dude found me again and started again I was so tried of it now. But I didn't told C the code because he just broke up with his gf and I didn't wanted to put anymore on him and K has his own gf so J was the next guy could think of that could help me and didn't had a gf anyway I told J what was happening and he agreed to be my fake boyfriend but he will pretend when I give him the sign. Anyway J started playing flirty with me I played along just in case. I'm learning things about J I didn't knew about that usually attracts me to guys. So far the plan worked the dude is leaving me alone but I'm making sure it working. But J is still being flirty but the problem is I'm starting feel attraction towards him. Like he post something with a girl and I felt so jealous inside. Note J moved another country yet he still helped me out. What can I do I feel like I'm falling for him but I shouldn't fall for him because I know I'm going to end up being very hurt. What can I do?!??


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