Help me!!

?Help me!!
I have a boyfriend and we have been together a little while..
I have always had this intuitive side to me that can just sense things and felt this weird feeling for a while about him.??So my boyfriend had ?things happen to him when he was younger (molest/rape) which i knew since the beginning of our relationship but what i didn't know is ?in reaspons to that he goes on casual encounters and talks to men..
I did not know this until about a month or two ago when he was inside the house and i went onto his tablet and found emails and texting accounts with these men talking to him sending him naked pictures and he sent them naked pictures and they talked dirty and planned to meet up and i just freaked the fuck out.. i exploded and he locked himself in the house and wouldn't talk to me.. he wouldn't tell me anything so i went to my parents house and stayed with them that night.. went back to the house the next day to get my things and he wanted me to stay i asked him what in the fuck was
Lgoing on. I thought maybe he was using me and making me take care of him while he does this shit.. so he tells me he messes with them and says he is going to meet them but he does it just to fuck with their heads..?
So within this past month he has been up North helping his grandmother because she is sick and i started to loose grip of him and i no longer trusted him i started talking to guys and hanging out with them while he was up there and one guy fingered me while me and my boyfriend were on a break.. im just so lost in what to do i feel terrible.. i dont know if he met up with tjese men i just don't know..
I myself was molested and raped when i was a little girl and i would never do something like this while in a relationship..

You need to sit down with him and talk to him and just tell him what you think of it remember a effective relationship has communication, good luck?


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