What does my friend act like this?

I tell my group of friends about my boyfriend and all the situations we go through and one of my friends always got something negative to say about him and when she found out I was still with him she acted all mad and she be talking about him calling him names and acting like I shouldn't be with him but when she talks about her relationship I don't say anything about her boyfriend and she DOESNT even know him at all but she's seen him by face . Why does she act like this ? Or what could be the possiblities ??

Their actually 2 possibilities either she thinks he cute and trying to get you to break up with him so she can be with him or she does know him maybe from a past that you don't know about you can try taking that part out if it's the 2nd option true. Good luck!!

Okay thanks but at the end of the day should I care ? .... @taebadass

And btw she's pregnant for the 2nd time and has a boyfriend ... @taebadass


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