Caught boyfriend sending and receiving nudes from a girl. I need advice PLEASE!!

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 8 months now so since July 4th of 2016. Last month so Febuary of 2017 I went through his phone thoroughly just because he sometimes would start acting weird when I would grab his phone and I would not like it. Anyways I changed his snapchat conversations to where he could receive them from everyone and noticed a message from a girl all it said was "okay" but I scrolled up and somehow some old conversations were saved and they were having a very inappropriate conversation but the date on the conversation saved on snapchat was August of 2016 so he and I were already dating for a month. As to why he was still talking to this girl 8 months into our relationship when clearly they have only ever had a sexual relationship I wanted to find out. So i took her phone number from his contacts and texted her telling her I was his gf (but everyone and their mother knew he had a gf since he always posts pics of me all over all his social media) she knew exactly who i was. At first she tried telling me they had not spoken since before he and I started dating so i bluffed and said I had proof that they have still been talking but the only proof I had was the conversation they had August of 2016. She ended up confessing that he would message her every couple of months through snapchat to ask for nudes and then would delete her again once he got what he wanted. He had unfriended her from snapchat so i would never even be able to see her on his friends list. He only messaged her when he would unblock her again so i know a lot of effort went into him hiding this from me. She ended up telling they had met way before he knew me and they met on tinder and had sex a few times but their relationship was strictly sexual they never dated or anything. I confronted him about it after I spoke to her and told him i was done and was walking out on him and just grabbed my stuff, He literally broke down, begged me to not leave him and was very emotional and forthcoming. He admitted to another girl as well on snapchat which I guess he didnt have to tell me about but he said he just wanted to get it off his chest. He says he feels like he really got a wake up call after I was about to walk out on him and even told me to put a tracker on his phone if I want to. What do you guys think? this happened about a week ago and I agreeed to give him another chance but my thoughts are always consuming me. What he did hurts and it just makes me think what if i had never caught him

I would dump him then. It sounds like you and her are both lost causes.

I would have still dump him because he should have been faithful to you from the beginning yet he didn't. But if you want to give another chance since everyone deserve a second chance just make sure he will let you get on his phone and make him earned your truth again. Also tell him if he does anything unfaithful again your are going to dump and walk out for good your not going to give him another chance.?

Dump Him Now. If he was more serious about you he would have said something to begin with. Or just not done it.


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