Is it worth it to ask him out?

There is a band that travels all over the US, and they come to my town once a year. One of the band members is my age and very attractive. At their last show I attended (a few days ago) the band member and I chatted during intermission, and we have some things in common, including playing instruments. He suggested that I should friend him on Facebook and that we could have a jam session sometime. He lives in a city about 4.5 hours away from me when he's not on tour.
We're now Facebook friends, and he hasn't contacted me. I'm seriously hung up on this guy, which is really unusal for me because I don't tend to have crushes, especially not on guys I barely know. Should I just ask him out already? Start up a casual conversation on Messenger? Or give up on the whole thing and move on?
Thanks! <3

Look, if you want to be with someone, then that person must know it, at least, so chat with him, and make some steps ahead :)
But... Is it worth it? Is this a man you have chances to be with? Or this is just an impulse, and when you get what you want, you will break up to live your lives? I doubt your living conditions are working for your relationships. But, of course, the fact that he chats with you is a good sign.

As for me, I think the partner must be reliable and acceptable for being your soulmate :) But if you are OK with possibility to break up sooner or later - then go get him:)


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