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I met this guy Last year and eversince he has been calling everyday,and for that we have built this strong connection between us,I'm currently single but he doesn't know that,I lied and said I'm seeing someone without him thinking I'm single,lonely and desperate, and he's apparently seeing someone. He is in a long distance relationship with his girlfriend and I'm also far from him as well. We met for the second time when I went home and arranged to meet him so I ended sleeping at his place for 3days, in a guest room because I didn't want the relationship to start off sexually so he kind of understood even though he wasn't really fine with it.

Eversince the visit he has been very hands on with the communication like it's someone who got one already,but what tricky is that, he's the one who's always calling but every time I call him he never picks up, I even stopped calling him and he always comes up with excuses of being busy and stuff. I'm concerned why I'm not given the chance to communicate back.

First thing you need to do is tell him the truth because starting a relationship with a lie never going to work and make sure more heartbroken. A guy wouldn't think your lonely and desperate because your single. Also since he does have a gf and it's long distance depending how long this type of relationship been going on if it been a while than they are each other very deeply. It's best if you start moving on. Than on the communication part it's means he hiding something. You can stay as friends but looking from a romantic relationship that isn't possible if you don't want to give up on that than you need to be very careful and get ready for pain

I am going to go with my gut instinct here, I may be way off if so I am sorry!! But here is my guess, I think due to the lie at the start about being single, he knows something is off and the trust level isn't there. I bet he thinks YOU are playing games and, maybe somewhere on a guy message board he is asking guys what to do about this girl who he thinks is leading him on. I think you have three basic options one is just keep doing what you are doing. The other two are, 1- confess everything, just completely come clean, say you like him if that is the case and see what he says. He is likely to break off communication though so be aware of that. But, if he doesn't break off communication I think you will have a chance of something positive. The other option 2- is ghost him and move on :/


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