Hi, guys! After being rejected two days after Christmas (I was less upset than I thought I would be), I met a guy at a New Years party my friend was throwing. We hit it off and we went out on a first date as well as other dates following?(including Valentines Day). I really like him but this would be my first relationship in 2 1/2 years and more importantly the first relationship I've been in since I was diagnosed with depression and EDNOS. I have been in relationships that were not good for my mental health where I've given a lot and haven't gotten a lot in return and I'm worried that my problems will distance him from me because it might be too much to handle at times. He asked me to be his girlfriend - I want to be exclusive but the word girlfriend makes me feel anxious because I haven't had the best experiences. I don't know what to tell him and how I should approach this.?

Depression is a really hard thing to deal with, for the person dealing with the condition and for the people in their lives. You need to look at YOUR mental health, and truly evaluate your own, personal limits. Depression is very real, and a very rough road to tread down. I know this might seem messed up, but it is better than starting a relationship with a person who truly suffers. Research the effects of depression on a person, work hard to truly understand what you are signing up for. It will never stop, it is a constant battle. and it would be better for the guy to have things ended in the beginning , than for you to commit for a few months and then decide that he, (the struggle) is not worth it. that can set a person back so badly, that they might not be able to recover for a long time. It is hard, but it is also amazing, if you can really love a person for who they really are, that will build them up like nothing else. so make sure you start this relationship for the right reasons, if you so choose. Good luck, and I hope that you do what is right for your, and for him. You both deserve the right person. :)?


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