Forgetting a guy

I'm having problems with a guy in my class. I go to somethings similar to College, but we have classes everyday with the same class In my class there is this guy (we are both 21) and we hooked up the very first night we started in this class (summer 2016), we didn't have sex but were very close. A couple of months later we ended up at his place again after a night out and we had planned to have sex but we feel asleep. Now he is always in my mind, he is kind of a fuckboy and likes his ladies. Everytime we go out with a class, one of us is always ignoring the other and being a little mad. I really love going to parties and I'm always asking him to join us, but if he starts talking to other girls I get very sad. In school it's also a little bit awkward, because we don't really speak to each other, but I keep on thinking about him, where is he sitting? what is he doing? if he doesn't show up I'm think about where he is. It is so annoying, I just want to forget about him and sometimes I do, but he keeps on sneaking back into my mind?especially when I'm drunk.... Why can't I just get over it? Because I'm having trouple finding other guys when he is always in the back of my mind?

He a player and that what players make you do, so the best way to forget about a player is great distance, keep your mind busy with something else and you need to get hobbies to keep you busy. Throw away your contacts with him and don't invite him to the parties. If he gets invited by someone else okay but you don't do it. You need to break your contact with him by any means necessary.

Definitely cut ties with him. It's almost impossible to get over someone if you're always around them. I mean I know you have a class together and there's nothing you can do about that, but just don't sit near him or talk to him. Basically avoid him.


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