Talking to other guys while being in a relationship

Is it appropriate to talk to other guys while being in a relationship? My boyfriend doesn't like that but I have no choice because of school work and sometimes because of work issues. What do you think?

Generally speaking, it's very appropriate to talk to other girls or guys when dating.? It totally depends on how you communicate with them but i suspect you're not the issue here.

I don't think he has an appropriate expectation of you and honestly think he's too demanding & controlling...

@ashley9494: probably he is too possessive. Being possessive is normal, but If he doesn't he doesn't have sisters or depends how we was brought up he may act too possessive. May be he needs more time to understand you to adapt to your position.?

If you;re just talking to them about school...yeah, that;'s fine.? Or if you're just being friendly in a work, or social setting...but you shouldn't be actively flirting or anything like that.

Of course talking to other guys is fine, it would be very bizarre to refuse to speak to any guy except your boyfriend, however the details matter. He MIGHT be controlling or then again you MIGHT be flirting with other guys, I can't judge from what you said, both are common.


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