Should I be Asking Him?

Ok so I'm sitting here listening to Ed Sheeran's new album Divide and I need some advice. Ok so I'm dating this amazing guy, but let's be honest we do have some disagreements every now and again and I usually end up telling my ex-boyfriend, ?now we dated 5 months before I ended up breaking up with him and started dating my current one (not right then and there). And well I don't really know if I should be doing that. I mean we both moved on obviously, but something tells me it isn't right. But what should I do honestly I'm lost here. Please help!!

It's absolutely not right, leave your ex out of your current relationship.

Definitely 100% not, if you want the current relationship to work. It sounds more like you really want to get back with the ex and the current boyfriend is a placeholder. I am not saying that is your intention but that is how it would come off to everyone. If that is the case, do everyone a favor and break up and get back with the ex, if that is not the case, your ex doesn't need to be giving his opinion about your current relationship and you shouldn't be asking. JMO no offense but, you asked!!

I think it's fine. As long as you have no intentions of getting back together with him and your current boyfriend knows that, I don't see much of a problem. Just because someone's an ex, doesn't mean they can't still be a friend. Especially if you've both moved on. That's what makes it fine imo, is that you said you both have moved on.?

I can theoretically imagine a situation where it would be ok but it's unlikely IMO. Both moved on but every little problem, "what would you do if you were still my boyfriend" "well if I were still your boyfriend I wouldn't be such a jerk" ??? I mean I might be exaggerating a little but that is the impression I think a lot of people would have of what these conversations are like.

Ok so to clear the air, I have no intentions whatsoever to get back with my ex at all whatsoever. I'm so in love with my current boyfriend that he's strictly a friend. I just ask him "hey am I being unresonable when it comes to...?" I have this bad habit of being too rash or not thinking before I act, or say anything, that's why I ask him, in a guy's opinion. Does that clear the air?

You don't need to worry about clearing the air with me lol. I am not mad at you. Why don't you ask your boyfriend, "hey do you mind if I constantly ask my ex for relationship advice?" and see what he thinks :)

That's true but I just felt I should make it more clear, does that make sense? But I did tell him that 2 of my exes are friends I have no idea if he remembered that, but I'll ask him and see what he thinks, thank you for that!!!!


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