Stuck in a relationship

I have this one guy that I go out with.
He doesn't open up at all.
But when he does, it's kind of a surprise since it's usually random.
About a month ago he had messaged me around 3 in the morning really letting everything go.
He told me that whenever we're not talking, he feels worthless and wants to kill himself and what not.
Now, I know that isn't right at all. I shouldn't be giving him feelings like that.
I did cut it off after that but continued to stand near him and even forced him to get some help.
That all has passed and he still opens up every once in a while but now I think he belives it's a relationship again.
That was what I wanted but this past week I've been thinking things through. I've realized that the feelings I had for him have vanished and now it feels more like a responsibilty.
But I don't know what to do.
I don't want to say something that's going to trigger anything bad.

Staying with someone simply because they might hurt themselves is not going to be good for either party. I'm not saying that this guy is an abuser, but this whole situation he has put you in is a very, very common abuse tactic so I would be careful. I would suggest, especially if you think he will actually hurt himself if you leave, is to make sure he is in a place where he can get help, or where he has access to help before you end things.

This is exactly what my ex-boyfriend did to me. He would act like everything was fine at one moment and then suddenly start screaming about everything that wasn't fine in the next.
I broke it off, even when he repeatedly had told me before that he wanted to die. It's his own responsibility to take care of his health, that includes his mental health. You should not stick around because you feel it is your duty. It's not.

Thanks you two! I'll let you know what I did.
I pretty much forced him to get help.
He talked to our school's counselors and admitted to feeling a lot better.
Then once I saw he was getting better I took that as my chance to leave. I never necessarily told him that things were through though and he was very confused in the beginning but after telling him something he seemed to come to the understanding that we weren't together anymore. I know I should have probably sat him down and talked to him about us breaking up but I know that if I tried he'd pull some pity trick and I would have stayed.
But yeah, I'm free of him and I honestly have never felt better.

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