i want my ex back.. but he's engaged

Me and my ex broke up about 6 months ago. He started dating a new girl maybe a week after. They moved in together after a month and are now freaking engaged. I want him back. I broke up with him, it was just a low point in my life and I took it out on him. I just have no idea how to get him back. We were together over 2 years and he's my high school sweetheart. He's perfect for me, we get along and have a ton in common. I really broke his heart when I broke up with him. I can't stand to see them get married without him knowing how I feel.. at least I can say I tried. Please don't lecture me about how it's wrong to try to break them up. I'm going to at least give it a shot. My question is, how do I go about getting him back or letting him know how I feel? I really just need to be alone with him. :/ I'm still in love with him. I just feel he's rushing into this and making a mistake. :/

I don't think it really isn't a good idea. The girl could be with him 24/7..that could start a major fight between you and her..you wouldn't want that..if he moved on that quickly after you broke up with him then he didn't really care that much for you. but if you need him to know how you feel about him send him a text or call him asking him if you guys can get lunch or something together and sit down and talk and let him know how you feel. If he's engaged he'll probably not do it or have her tag along..you never know what he possibilities are or what kind of trouble it would cause..i know if my man's ex did that i would follow along and not let anything happen. but its your choice..just make sure this is really what you want to do and think about it first before making a move and following what you want to do. good luck!!

I know it's not the morally right thing to do but you should do it now before he gets married and it's too late. Just text him and invite him to your house or to go for coffee or something like that and just tell him that you were going through a hard time when you dumped him, that it was a huge mistake and that you couldn't see him get married without him knowing how you feel. 

 If you plan on telling him how you feel, I think you should: 
     1.  Plan on keeping it short, like under five minutes. 
     2.  Prepare for him to turn you down.

Most guys in this situation would probably say no to you right off the bat, so you might want to crawl off and preserve whatever dignity you have left.  However, if there is something special between the two of you, he'll probably think about what you said for days or weeks after you tell him and maybe you'll get want you want.  

I think you should tell him.

Sometimes people look like they are rushing into a relationship and making a mistake but me and my bf moved in after 3 months of knowing each other (made the decision after a month and a half of knowing each other) and we have been together for three years now.

But he could be rushing in for whatever reason.

Whether you think he's making a mistake or not. That's not the issue. Don't mention that. Just tell him how you feel and let him make his own decision.

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