boyfriend liking other girls pictures?

i always see on instagram my boyfriend liking other girls pictures, a lot of them are in bikinis. but, he very rarely likes my pictures!
he's always liking this one girl's pictures, on facebook and instagram, and it kind of bothers me since i know he cheated on his ex with her.
i told him once "you're always liking other girls pictures and never mine." and he just responded saying "i like yours in my head."
should this not bother me?
does your boyfriend do this?

In situations like this I always say that it doesn't matter if we think it should or shouldn't bother you. If it bothers you then that's all there is to it. If you ask me he is being selfish and disrespectful. You know he has a history of cheating and so you have to consider that he may be headed in that direction. You have to stand up for yourself and if he can't respect you and treat you right, then maybe he isn't the right guy for you. 

I'm with Sarah. ^^

If you're ok with a guy's advice, I do that when I was in a relationship. Its not like I don't like my gf's picture, I do like them honestly, but for some reason, I just don't wanna show to others that I do. But if you really want him to do it, if you want him to 'like' your pictures, just let him know and I'm sure he'll do it for you =)

I don't think this is about liking your own pictures.. pretty sure this is about giving so much attention to another girl.. and in bikinis especially when he has a history of cheating.

JustinK makes sense in so far that guys dont wanna show affection to their gfs on the internet. mine is the same.
HOWEVER the cheating thing is a red light if u ask me! i would straight up confront him.. thats not cool!

point blank if he has a history of infedility and hes doing this you have to bring it up again how you feel about it. if he really cares about the survival of your relationship then he'll find a way to stop.

but im gonna give you brutal honesty.
from what i read he doesnt strike me as a man that really cares about how you feel. he still likes other girls pics even knowing you are aware of it and keep getting notified. you told him once it bothers you but yet he still does it.
either A. talk to him straight forward about it no holding back or B. Let the relationship go. 
a relationship that lacks respect is one headed downhill. theres nothing forward but misery trust me i've had a relationship like this with a veryyyy similar issue.

I don't like it. It's one thing to look, another to 'like', since it notifies the poster that you are looking at their photos.

I've actually kind of been through the same thing you're going through. My boyfriend used to just be too friendly with girls and just tweet a lot of girls on Twitter. It used to aggravate me so much. I would always question if it was I was the one over reacting or if I was the crazy one. But I shouldn't have to hide my true feelings just to keep the water calm. You shouldn't either. If you have a prolem with what he's doing you should talk to him about it. Express to him how you feel and how what he's doing is affecting you. If he really has changed and if he really loves you he would understand. He would also start to change because no guy should ever be okay with hurting his girlfriend. If he won't stop and respect you then maybe you all should rethink the relationship. Some guys dont understand that what they are doing affects their spouse so much so you have to open his eyes. After you tell him how you feel and he doesnt change then I think it's time you decide whether this relationship will be good or bad. 

Good luck! (:

Hi girls. Please help me on this tag the subject first date

It bothered me when my boyfriend liked other girls on Instagram. I monitored him with Snopreport service and then I asked him not to do this anymore and he stopped. So try to speak with your boyfriend about your feelings, he'll understand your concerns

I would be annoyed if my BF clicked Like on any "sexy" pic of another girl. He can like them hanging out with their mom or he can like them on a ride at the fair with their friends or he can like them posing with their BF but if he "liked" them in a bikini, I would let him know I wasn't happy about that. And that's not even getting into his history of cheating with THAT VERY GIRL!!

In other words I think you guys need to talk!! JMO

It sounds like a bad situation waiting to get worse. I'd talk to him and have it all out in the open. Tell him how you feel and why. And if nothing else works, maybe you should start 'liking' a bunch of hot guys on Instagram and Facebook and see how he reacts. Maybe he'll open his eyes once he's on the other end of it.?
In any case, if he already cheated with this girl, he already thinks he can get away with it and can justify it in his own mind. If he did it once he may easily do it again. There are lots of guys out there who would appreciate having a girlfriend, you don't have to stick with someone who can't be trusted.

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