My boyfriend is really controlling please help

Well my boyfriend has been really controlling lately he has been looking through the messsges on my phone and allways wanting where i am what i am doing and who i am with . Tbh i dont actually mind all that its just been getting more out of hand lately and i dont really know what to please help xx


I know you say you don't mind him being controlling now... But believe me it's going to get worse. Next he'll be wanting passwords to your e-mail and Facebook, he will want you to stop all communication with any guys, and he will GRILL you with questions asking about where you've been, who you were with, etc. and he won't believe you and accuse you of lying.

I think you should talk to him, and ask him to stop being so controlling. Tell him that you are a trustworthy girlfriend, and you wouldn't do anything to harm him. If he gets angry or upset at you when you confront him, consider leaving... before it gets worse.

Believe me, I've been there. I didn't let my boyfriend go when he started getting this way.. and then he became abusive. (Not saying your boyfriend would hurt you, but it's just experience)

Hope this helped!
Quick question, is this the same lad that you were talking about last post? Because if it is it sounds like there's no way he'd trust you long distance! The brutally honest truth is that it's going down a dark road that you don't want to explore! Next time he snoops, call him on it, tell him it's upsetting you and ask him to stop. If he does it again after that, I'd break it off with him hon. Good Luck x

It might not seem like what he's doing now is that big of a deal, but if you allow him to continue to treat you like this then his controlling ways will most likely escalate.

Talk to him now and tell him that what he is doing is not okay and that he needs to back off and learn to be more trusting, if he refuses then you should get yourself out of the situation.

I also want to point out to you that if you really have nothing to hide from him and he's being suspicious for no real reason then its pretty likely that he is the one hiding something from you. and I am not saying that you should go and accuse him of talking to or seeing other girls, but guilty people usually get suspicious like that, it's pretty much a tell tale sign that he's doing it so hes assuming you are too. 

But if that isn't the case and he's really this insecure about what your doing then he either needs to get over it or you should consider leaving before it gets worse.

Please someone. My boyfriend is gone getting a tattoo right now.. We have been dating for 6 months.. He is very mean i feel like im trapped.!!!! I can not wear tank tops i have to were t shirts or long sleeves i also can not wear shorts and no jeans with holes in them... I am young and i don't know what to do.. I love him so much... But i cant even text friend and i cant hang out with them i live with my boyfriend... I can't leave ever unless he comes and he brings his friends around all the time.. He used to call me a whore because of how i dressed. Now he keeps calling me a dumb ass and retared... Today we got in  huge fight he was telling me to leave but would not give me back my phone so i refused he then pushed me really hard and i fell on the bed.. He kept pushing me... Until i packed my things... then he calmd down.. He was so amazing in the start of our relationship.. Now i can't see my family or friends.. He tells me if i leave it'll be the biggest mistake and the dumbest.. ): What do i do.??? Please I dont know what to do.

If he is very controlling then how were you able to get online and write all of that? You could of also called your friends and family members to get you out of there. If they don't want to help then the only option you have is to call 911. Talk to the officers and pack your bags. Tell them where you want to go. Go to the station with them and place a restraining order. He says you'll regret it if he leaves. He's just trying to scared you so you would never leave at all. You have to try to find a way to get out of there. Tell the police he's treatning you about leaving. You never know, he might do something harmful to you one day. But you really need to find help asap.:smileysad: You don't need to be in that kind of relationship. It doesn't matter if you love him. He's showing he doesn't care and love you. Even if he tells you he does, trust me he doesn't.  You need to get out. My ex was a jerk and would verbally abused me and used to tell me that I would regret it and would never find another guy like him. He would tell me those things because he knew he was my first boyfriend and figured I was dumb and inexperience with relationships. You have no idea how much better I'm doing without him. It hurt like hell because I loved him so much but I hate him now. So please find some help and get out. If you don't it will get worse.


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