how do i get my boyfriend to go to homecoming with me???

my boyfriend and i have been going out for two years. last year we were jokingly having a conversation about dances. he made it clear that he hated dances though he has never been to one and told me that the only dance he would take me too is prom. well our first home coming is coming up and i really want him to go. i will go either way and still have a kick ass time but i really really really want him to me girls what do i do???

please help me out ladys i dont know what to do

Well have u talked to him about it yet and had him say no?? I mean that was a year ago, maybe since he really cares about you now he will go... not for the dance but for you since he loves u and u want to go. I sometimes do things I don't want to do to make my boyfriend happy because I know he wants to and vice versa. =). Talk to him, tell him how much it means to you and that you are going anyway but u wish he would come. Maybe try to make a compromise... like he does this for u and u'll do something for him... Or incorporate something he does like into it and get creative... for example one year my boyfriend went to the dance with me and afterward we had a campsite and went camping since i knew he liked camping i planned it out in a way that would interest him... just an idea :)

ya so i asked my boyfriend if he was going no. i asked why just no he doesnt like dances. i tried to comprimise. no. no no no no no. thats all i got was a no. i was pretty pissed because he wouldnt even tell me why. and he was pretty mad that i kept bringing it up. we didnt fight but both of us are still pretty ticked. im so sad right now. I FREAKING HAVE A BOYFRIEND BUT IT SEEMS THAT IM STILL FREAKING SINGLE. WTF

You have been dating for two years and he wont go with you? That' doesn't seem right. Maybe you should explain that you really want to go and it's not really fair that he's just saying no for no good reason. But if he refuses to go just grab a group of friends and go with them, don't miss the dance just because of him. 

My boyfriend was like that back in high school too. The difference was I let him ruin my night. Even if I went without him I was sad the whole time because he wasn't there and seeing all the couples just reminded me of him. In fact I let him get me down a lot and I backed down on a lot of issues I wish I didn't. I was so afraid of losing him I let him treat me like crap. Maybe it isn't directly and yah maybe he doesn't want to go... but he isn't even being understanding or listening to how much it means to you. I would just hold your ground. Don't not show your feelings to maintain peace.  However you really feel and whatever your really thinking thats what I think you should do. Clearly he isn't going. =( and i'm really sorry for that because I know how it feels. It sucks. =(. I'm just saying don't act like it's ok, your disappointed. Go have a good time. Don't let him hold you back ;)

Thanks girls and its offical now Im breaking up with him!!!!!!!!

All he has ever really wanted was a girlfriend not me as his girlfriend and im done having him treat me like crap. so thanks for the help girls love ya

Omg you are all so mean breaking up with someone of 2 years just because he won't go to homecoming maybe he's telling you no I'm the compromises because he's already going to prom!!!!


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