are my lady parts ugly?
err.... this is a really awkward thing to talk about so ive never been able to before. i think my vagina looks really weird! ive seen porn before so im comparing it to what i see there. those two flappy things are a bit long i think. i never let boys finger me or eat me out or anything because im afraid they'l think it isnt normal because all boys watch porn right?please reassure me!
Woahhh slow down! First and foremost, porn stars are NOT AT ALL an accurate representation of a "real" woman's body, including genitalia. Lots of professional porn stars actually get plastic surgery on their vulvas to make them more "appealing," but realistically, everyone's is different and there's no normal or abnormal way to look down there. The two "flappy things" are called the labia (vaginal lips) and it's totally normal for your inner lips to be longer or bigger than your outer lips. It's also normal for one to be longer than the other. And about letting guys finger you or see you down there, trust me, they DON'T care at all what it looks like... all they care is that they're getting some! If you do have a guy that cares what you look like down there, he's not a good person to be sleeping with anyway and doesn't deserve it. Relax. You're totally normal... porn stars aren't.
A boy who wants to do sexual things with you is not going to freak out about the size of your labia - and if he does, he is clearly not a good person to be in a relationship with. It's infinitely more likely that he'll be delighted to get to see your lady parts at all. Also, while a lot of them do, not all guys watch porn, and a guy who thinks sex is meant to be like it is in porn is probably not mature enough for a relationship.
Never compare yourself to someone else, they come in all colors, shapes and sizes. It's individuality. Plus, I think most of those women have reconstruction surgery done, some having them almost completely removed.
thank you so much that just relieved me you have no idea to what extent haha your the best!
Is it normal to have darker skin down there? Like, very noticeably darker. I'm kind of pale everywhere but there :p It makes me paranoid about my body.
Yes, it's perfectly normal! In fact, most if not all women have a different color labia than the rest of their skin. Relax! There's no reason at all to be paranoid about what your body looks like, dear :)
lol lots of people have long ones and uuuhhhh it's not a big deal as long as it's healthy :)
Thanks :)
Of course :)
Oh, thank you *ss_nickel*!I know that I just sort of jumped into this but what you said gave me reassurance.So even though you were talking to those other girls, thank you.
I had a fwb one time that didn't like me down there because of that (I have that same problem) and I didn't know he had a problem with it until he told his other FWB that I had a bigger clit. So she told me and I'm like wow, but I just didn't have sex with him or talk to him about having sex. I moved on. He liked the other FWB because she had a camel toe, but he liked me because I knew how to ride. So there are advantages and disadvantages. It's all about how you work it. [;
Loll, porn stars have all undergone plastic surgery down there, hun. Unless you're willing to do that, then I suggest you just accept yourself. You'd probably be surprised at how many girls think they look weird down  do, and everyone probably looks about the same, but with a few distinctions. Don't worry about something you can't change, ok? And let those guys down there if you want. They don't care what it looks like, trust me ;)
Ugh, this is what's so upsetting about our society. Since when should how your labia look matter to anyone and who would even think of that? I promise, guys (and girls) don't really care. Labia is labia, vaginas are vaginas, they are all kind of strange looking. You are absolutely normal. Porn stars have dramatic surgeries to make themselves look like blow-up dolls, that's the whole point. And, trust me, I've seen the surgeries to change how they look, unless you enjoy not being able to sit or urinate without excruciating pain for weeks, learn to love yourself. You'd be surprised how many people look just like you down there.
dear boys are pretty much happy to be able to touch some p ussy and don't care.
I've been really self conscious about mine..i wouldn't fool around with my boyfriend with the lights on haha the other day we did it in the middle of the day though so clearly he saw and he eats me out. but porn stars use surgery..and if a guy is going to judge you on it then he's not worth doing anything with.  but most are just as self conscious about their size
Can you call your ex without it being awkward? No.     Do you still talk to the person you last kissed on the lips? Of course. He's my boyfriend.     Will you be in a relationship one month from now?: I certainly hope so. :/     Is your room ever clean? Sometimes.     Do you drink bottled water?Not usually.    If you are being extremely quiet, what does that mean? I'm either pissed or zoned out. Or just at a loss for words.       What was the last thing you did before you went to bed last night? Texted Kris.   ...[Message truncated]

I don't use myotaut everyday but the serum really works. I was feeling self conscious with my lady parts because Overtime I seem to not be as tight as I used to be. I used the myotaut serum a day before sex and all my partner kept saying was how great I felt. Will definitely buy again. I do think exercise will get you better results and of course kegels.

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