In love but not sure what to do

Hi, I'm in love with a guy who is in a different country. We met when we were both 1 years old (which we don't remember) as our parents are friends and when we went to Austria (were they live) on holiday, they always meet up. Me and Matt only met each other last year (we are both 20 years old), we added each other of facebook and this year when we went onholiday, I saw him quite a lot. Now that I'm back home, I really want to message him but I don't know what to say and I don't want to seem clingy/stalker. He's liked a few of my photos on facebook and instagram. I also started to have dreams about him. I don't know what to do - do i do anything? As I only see him once a year :( Thank you.

Do you think there's any chance he feels the same way? If so, I don't see the harm in contacting him a little more than you usually do. I don't think you'd seem clingy/stalkerish if you haven't even contacted him at all up to this point. It's like checking in with a friend you wish you could see more often. Like "hey I really enjoyed hanging out with you. It sucks we only get to see each other once a year." That sort of thing. Maybe see where it goes from there. Long distance relationships are tough from what I've seen, but I've also seen some that work. My older cousin was dating someone from a different county and they were together for ?years before they broke up. Go for it!


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