Risks involved in moving with bf

Of late realizing the inherent risks involved in moving with bfs,some of the girls nowadays are developing intimacy with other girls We can not say they are lesbos. But what I suppose It is good in other aspects also like avoiding infectious? diseases and unwanted? conception? and dishonesty which is manifested by most of the boys. I feel it is a right thought. How about you all ?

Are you asking for opinions about moving in with a BF or moving in with other girls? I think moving in with a BF has to be a personal decision that's different every time, the only general advice I would give is, I would at least want to know he's pretty stable and cares about you to the point that, you don't have a fight and have to move again in two weeks. In my case individually, I wouldn't do it unless I was engaged because I know I'd never hear the end of it from my parents if I did. Unless it was an emergency situation maybe but I can't think what that situation would be that would require me to move in with a BF.

Living with other girls is great!! I mean it has its drawbacks (drama) but overall it's very nice, especially if you are friends. I hope to never live alone, I expect to always have female roommates until I move in with a guy at whatever point. I have a lot of "intimacy" with other girls but not sexual. Like we will brush each other's hair or pluck each other's eyebrows or borrow each other's clothes, or maybe a little cuddling and we are all straight as far as I know. I guess if you lived with a girl you were dating it would be a combination of living with roommates and living with a BF, you'd still need to worry about the stability of the relationship?JMO I don't know if that helps!!

shellyB..you are right ..as you pointed out as not sexyually but cuddlling mutually like hugging , sharing the bed? is of cource great..The boys are seems to be selfish nowadays.


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