Should I give up or fight on for my LDR?

Me and my girlfriend have been together for about 5 years. 3 years into the relationship, she migrated abroad to study and later worked for her and her family's future. She visits back twice a year and whenever she heads back abroad, our relationship gets tougher to fight for. 2 years of keeping this LDR going is seriously draining both me and my gf, that we're both starting break up with each other whenever we get the chance. It's becoming toxic, tbh. I've asked help from my friends and family but the best advice I've gotten so far was from my brother who has also been through a long distance relationship. When he first met his wife in an international dating social event. While they were apart for about 4 years, they've gone through the struggles I'm currently facing. He gave me tips and advice but right now, I just need to hear a lot more input 'cause I can't seem to rest at this point. I need some help guys!

"International dating social event" hi HoneyLuv!!


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