She keeps denying about us to her friends. It hurts

I'm really hurting right now because my girlfriend still keeps me and our relationship as a secret to her friends. We agreed before to keep our relationship in the down low until we've gotten to know each other better. We know people are really quick to judge once they know that you guys met in some dating tours or the likes. Somehow, this agreement turned into keeping us a secret. People are asking her about us and she continues to deny that we're together. Is she ashamed of me? Of us? Is she cheating? I honestly feel like a dirty secret and it really sucks.

"Dating tours" hi HoneyLuv!!

Hey Honey, I think it's important that you talk to her about your concerns. A relationship is about communication and trust, even if you keep it down low that's really important to remember. You should think about what you want and how to best express your needs to her and then have a little talk. And tbh, if she is embarrassed of you or something, then she isn't worth it and not the one you should keep yourself around because you have a worth you should never forget about!?

xoxo K


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