I need a pc of advice

Hey girls ..
So , Am a guy .. i just entered this forum ''not to be a spy xD'' .. but seeking for help ( becoz u girls understand each other ) SO PLEASE PLEASE MAKE AN EXCEPTION don't ban me !

So i think i confused , or maybe i little bit worried about my cutie gf ..
So we're in a long shitty distance relationship .. and we love each other so much , but she's such a moody girl ( i accept her mood and i know right how to deal with her ... sometimes xD )
So now she said she's depressed .. she misses her ex ( and she told me once that she regrets that she was with him and bla bla bla ) .. like she's texting me her feelings , and the way she thinks ... she wrote lyrics of a song ( je te pardonne / maitre gims ) .. idk what's the purpose .. like she wants me to know she's not over her ex or what ? i feel .. heuu idk confused, jealous , and scared i don't wanna lose her .. i wanted to cheer her up and she refused that .. she went to sleep .. then she called me and said (( u know i can't sleep without hearin ur voice .. ) and Ploof .. here she is .. the other version of her hhh laughin and ect ..
* sorry for the ortho mistakes ..

So please tell me .. explain for me , coz am so confused ..am deeply in love with her , for real .. i just wanna understand how it works !

and thank u ..
And sorry for being in the wrong place xD ( don't ban me i won't check the other threads ! )
And .. thank u

Well I don't know if I will be able to help much but first, don't worry about being banned, nobody is banned here, some guy spams the board with ads for some kind of mail order bride service and nothing happens, I think the moderators got laid off or something. Personally at this point I am just happy to see a real person here.

As for your situation. Are you sure that she thinks you are dating? It kind of sounds like how you'd talk to a guy friend. No offense!! And if you are definitely dating, personally I would tell her to stop talking about her ex. Maybe it's a habit she got into and now she thinks it's normal or maybe she's trying to provoke some reaction but, going on and on about an ex is not kool. JMO good luck!!


First of all I'm sorry that this has such a negative impact on your feelings!
Me and my best friend (both girls), we get these mood swings all the time where we just feel annoyed or depressed or like crying out of the blue.?
I always try to point it to a reason but mostly end up pinning it on the past.?
My advice to you would be to?
1. ask your gf how she is and if you can help her in any way when she feels like that again( I like ranting about my emotions and being left alone for example)
2. ask your gf how she feels about your relationship and if you are on the same terms as to what you are (first think through what YOU want)
3. talk to her about how it makes you feel when you hear her talk about her ex like that, be honest but dont be rude to her

It's important to communicate in a relationship, long distance is difficult, I hope you can make it work. Just try to talk about all of your concerns but dont express them as an accusation but as a concern you have regarding your feelings (which she should care about a big deal).?

Hope this helps a little bit.

xoxo K


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