Does he like me?

So, I've had a crush on a guy for about a year and a half. It used to be on and off, but I know for a fact that it's a real crush, regardless of what I tell myself. He told me he had a thing for another girl, but she's now with someone else which kinda gives me a?chance. I'm not sure if he's over her because we really haven't discussed it as I don't want to make him feel uncomfortable. We send each other memes and discuss music together. He's a grade older than me, but sometimes he walks with me to first hour and whenever we pass each other in the hall we talk. We may be going to a concert together later in April too. Before I let this crush take over my life, I wanna hear more opinions. Do you think he likes me back and could be possibly have a chance together?


From what you said he obviously likes you, the question is just whether he LIKE likes you. And I can't tell from what you said, I would say 50 50. The other possibility is that you're in a "little sister" category in his mind. Do you get a flirty vibe from him, like, how does he look at you, does he ever touch you for example hand on your shoulder guiding you, does he mention your appearance in any way like complimenting your hair or clothes?

Well he likes you as a friend for sure. To know wether he likes you more than that you need to talk to him. Maybe wait until the concert happened, it could be that he is still into the other girl so don't move too fast on him because you don't want to date someone who is still healing from another crush or relationship. Don't rush into anything, take it slow and maybe give him a few signs that you like him.?

xoxo K

I agree with what's been said. Maybe try start touching him urself a bit, like in the arm to see how he reacts


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